Help! I only want to be friends with my Older Dating friend

Help! I only want to be friends with my Older Dating friend
by G Arri

Tempting Older Dating Fate?

Tempting Older Dating Fate?

One of the hardest things about older dating in Adelaide is accepting rejection, but it could be trickier when being on the other side of the fence and having to tell your senior single friend that you just want to be friends.

Recently I’ve been placed in this awkward position where I get along with the mature single I met through Older Dating Online Australia and have much in common with them, but I do not see a romance in our future. The worst part is that I would like to remain friends and hope to see them and spend time with them.

I found this really difficult to resolve because I did not want to put off my senior single friend who I met on Older Dating Online Australia from seeing me again – no one likes rejection, so my biggest fear was that this interesting senior single will be resentful and would not want to continue our friendship. It is tough being a senior single in Adelaide – you can easily get lonely or feel that your married mature friends can’t empathize with you so having a senior single friend is just as important as find a romance on older dating.

If you are in the same position as I have been in, then I believe the best way of tackling the matter is by being honest – but ensure that you are complementary when letting your mature single friend from Older Dating Online Australia down gently. Tell them all the things are make them great and why you want to remain friends – ensure them that you are being genuine when you say that you would like to keep in contact because the ‘let’s just be friends’ phrase is used sometimes when senior single members of Older Dating Online Australia have no intention of meeting again.

Perhaps you could arrange another meeting with them as friends so they know your intentions to remain friends with your older dating friend is genuine. But if they don’t want to see you as a friend – accept it and move on. They could be hurt from rejection or could simply be looking for something different from you. If this is the case then don’t be too upset, there are plenty of compatible senior singles in Adelaide who are waiting to speak and meet with you.

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