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“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”

~ George Burns

How many singles in Australia would agree with that quote. It certainly made me chuckle and I had to agree with the sentiment about some members of my family, but others I love to have near me. Relationships are funny like that and when you reach the senior single stage as a forty plus dater we have experienced enough to realise that all relationships require work and patience.

As singles we love to feel connected. We want to feel close with other mature people, that is why we search for mature companionship and like-minded friends..

But human imperfections always demand a little bit of space and we all need to, politely respect privacy boundaries.

There are certain life skills and talents that are endearing, our weaknesses need to be accepted and appreciated too, both by other Australian daters. We need to appreciate our own weaknesses. We are sometimes our own worst critic. Sometimes we don’t allow other daters to get close in case they see our weaknesses, or we don’t allow ourselves to look passed their perceived weaknesses.

When you are meeting mature forty plus sdaters in Australia, we need to appreciate the value in accepting other people, flaws and all. If you can acheive that it is possible that your dating experience will improve dramatically just by recognising the value of celebrating the imperfection of other Australians..

So here’s the online dating advice that I have discovered and which has allowed me a sense of freedom. Imperfections are not to be feared in yourself or other daters. Evaluate the imperfection and decide if it truly interferes with the possibility of a positive and interesting  dating experience and if not then allow yourself to relax and enjoy the Australian date for what it is, the chance of mature companionship and the chance to meet another intelligent single and share some of life’s experiences over a drink or a cup of coffee.

Meet intelligent singles for like-minded Australian companionship.

Jane Hughes xx

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